„Bärdia“ is a puppet show designed for both deaf and hearing primary school children. The kids are able to walk into an imaginary world of laughter and fun. At the same time they are supported in learning the German Sign Language by watching a series that is adapted to the perception of deaf children. Repetition, contextualisation, velocity and focusing were important issues in the conception and making. It is set to music so that also hearing children gain insight into the topic and both sides are able to approach one another. The plot is based on different lesson plans that are used in schools for the deaf and on several conversations with educators and students of Deaf Studies.

In „Baerdia“ we meet Caba, a profoundly deaf boy who was solely educated in speaking phonetic language. One day Cabas deaf aid is stolen by a Baerdi, a small signing creature. Caba follows the Baerdi into an imaginative forest where he meets Dolmi who shows him the Deaf World und its languages. Along with two further Baerdis they embark on a journey to find Cabas deaf aid.

Direction / Music by Alex Schulz.

Specialized Consulting by Hanna Paffrath.

Cinematography by Stéphane Reichert.