Welcome to
the Oliphverse!

Meet Oliph and follow her on a journey through countless surreal dimensions.

Every artwork is generated using multiple hand drawn foreground and background elements. All encounters are random and every piece unique! After generating the art it is hand-picked and adjusted by VYZOR. More pieces will be constantly uploaded and more creatures introduced to create a huge multiverse of fantastic strangeness. The main collection will contain a total of 777 artworks and follows a story that is inspired by classic fantasy novels and video games.

Oliph is an exclusive IOTA NFT art project and is available on Soonaverse.

Drops of 10-30 new pieces arrive each 1-2 months! Plenty of giveaways are also awarded each week on Twitter.

Music: Dance of Nordic Leave
by Gioele Fazzeri 

The Lights of Ko'ina

Our story starts on a small desert planet called Toapha in dimension #0. At an early age every Toaphan gets his or her own stave, mask and dimension stone. Wise masters pass their knowledge of the ancient magic of dimension hopping to the planet’s offspring. They tell them legends about multidimensional beings – the Ko’ina – which created 7 stone shrines. All of them contain a multidimensional light. If a traveller is able to collect a portion of every light, he or she receives the Ara, an ultimate map that shows the route to every existing dimension.

Our heroine Oliph is an uprising magic talent. One day, after her dimension classes have finished, she is surprised by a huge sand storm. Unable to see anything, she almost gets buried under the masses of sand. In the last moment she is able to create a dimension gate that leads her to another world. Unable to find her way back home, she travels through various dimensions on the search of the Lights of Ko’ina.


IOTA has manifested itself as an environmentally friendly alternative to today’s blockchains. This makes a huge change for digital artists. To support a further change, 7 % of the complete earnings of all VYZOR NFTs will be donated to the Green Forest Fund. The NGO located in Heidelberg, Germany is acquiring plots of land to grow trees to create rainforests of tomorrow. Their aim is to make a sustainable, local and transparent contribution to the protection of the climate and the domestic species.

 Physicals like fine art prints (on grass paper with metallic finishings), stickers and resin art toys will be produced. They will be given away and sold in my Etsy shop. Every owner of an original Oliph NFT will get a 15 % discount on every Oliph product.

 There will be limited special collections that show the character in new styles or different situations that stand out from the main collection.

The main collection includes various special artworks. Every hundredth NFT shows an IOTA spirit and several artworks have story related elements. For example 7 scenes will show the Lights of Ko’ina.

Everyone collecting 4 different encounter types (creatures, animals, human-likes and heads) gets a 50 % discount on the next Oliph NFT purchase. She/he also has the possibility to win a Light of Ko’ina NFT after its launch. Please contact me after getting the full set!


➳ Everyone collecting 4 different ghosts gets 1 free NFT and will also take part on the Lights of Ko’ina giveaway. In this case also just drop me a message 😉


As the encounter types of some of the characters are pretty hard to tell, you can find a complete classification list below. It will be updated constantly. You can also see the rarity of all elements that are shown in Dimension #1-#200 in the second link.


Classification list

Rarity chart #1-#200


Thank you all for joining Oliph on her journey! Feel free to contact me anytime 
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“toafa” – desert (Samoan)
“ko’ina” – everywhere (Hausa)
“ara” – path (Maori)

© 2023 Alex Schulz

Classification list


Flying female head (horizontal cuts)

Flying female head (three eyed)

Flying male head (+ hands)

Inner lynx

Inner cat

Golden sun

Bird sun

Pale sun

Two faced head

3D lord

Stairway man

Female fire eyes

Wolf head

Three eyed half head

Six eyed flying head

Geometric head

Tenctacle head




Cyclops (long horns)

Cyclops (short horns)


Female hand statue (+ fire ball)


Flying hands (+ eye)

Flying hands (+ diamonds)

Fire balls

Face tree

Castle giant

Flying rocks

Flying rocks (+ eyes)

Rock man


Tornado (+ planets)

Tornado (+ lightnings)

Giant hand


Geometric chicken

Geometric fire ball

Male statue


Bird dragon










Jellyfish (faces)

Jellyfish (round atoms)

Snake (flower head)

Snake (beak)



Flying horse








Knight (pointy helmet)

Knight (round atom helmet)

Rabbit man

Masked character (horizontal mask)

Masked character (vertical mask)

Masked character (vertical mask + horns)

Flying monk (three eyed)

Flying monk (fire head)

Flying monk (pointy helmet)

Riding knight

Mr. Universe
Atom knight

Bearded knight





Ghost knight (spiky helmet)

Ghost knight (round helmet)

Ghost samurai

Ghost phantom

IOTA spirit

Rarity chart #1-#200

All values are given in percent. Please note, that many artworks include multiple encounters, backgrounds or specials. Due to technical reasons only one of each feature can be found in the Soonaverse stats. If you need any verification, you can always contact me!


4.5  Flying female head (horizontal cuts)

4.0  Inner lynx

4.0  Fox

3.5  Flying male head (+ hands)

3.5  Flying hands (+ diamonds)

3.5  Octopus

3.0  Flying female head (three eyed)

3.0  Troll

2.5  Stairway man

2.5  Two faced head

2.5  Flying rocks (+ eyes)

2.5  Sphere

2.5  Geometric chicken

2.5  Seahorse

2.5  Bird

2.5  Birds

2.5  Crab

2.5  Riding knight

2.5  Ghost knight (round helmet)

2.0  3D lord

2.0  Wolf head

2.0  Dragon

2.0  Fire balls

2.0  Male statue

2.0  Flying rocks (various)

2.0  Beetle

2.0  Fish

2.0  Owl

2.0  Knight (pointy helmet)

1.5  Bird sun

1.5  Pale sun

1.5  Flying hands (+ eye)

1.5  Tornado (+ planets)

1.5  Flying horse

1.5  Flying monk (three eyed)

1.5  Flying monk (fire head)

1.5  Ghost samurai

1.5  None

1.0  Female fire eyes

1.0  Cyclops (long horns)

1.0  Cyclops (short horns)

1.0  Female hand statue (+ fire ball)

1.0  Castle giant

1.0  Giant hand

1.0  Jellyfish (round atoms)

1.0  Dog

1.0  Masked character (vertical mask)

1.0  Ghost knight (spiky helmet)

1.0  IOTA spirit

0.5  Inner cat

0.5  Golden sun

0.5  Tornado

0.5  Tornado (+ lightnings)

0.5  Face tree

0.5  Rock man

0.5  Jellyfish (faces)

0.5  Knight (round atom helmet)

0.5  Rabbit man

0.5  Masked character (horizontal mask)

Oliph pose:

21.0  Focussed (various)

11.5  Scared (various)

9.5  Meditating

7.5  Meditating (magic forehead)

7.5  Happy (various)

7.5  Thoughtful (various)

6.5  Watching (various)

6.0  Flying (back perspective)

4.5  Confused (various)

4.5  Magic

3.5  Flying (side perspective, various)

2.0  Crystal

2.0  Riding seahorse

1.5  Riding fox

1.5  Meditating (sitting, various)

1.5  Neutral

1.0  Meditating (magic signs circle)

0.5  Flying (front perspective)

0.5  Attack



54.5  Mountains (various)

23.5  Spiky mountains

15.5  Crystals

12.0  Cliffs (various)

8.0  Arches

7.0  Ocean

7.0  Pyramids

6.5  Cone mountains

6.0  Cave

5.5  Futuristic city

5.5  Face rocks

5.0  Castle (various)

5.0  Volcano

3.0  Fire

2.0  Asian town

2.0  Aqueduct



28.5  None

26.0  Trees

23.0  Dimension gate

21.0  Ruins

10.5  River

9.5  Lightnings (various)

5.5  Fog (various)

4.5  Fireflies

4.5  Fingers

1.5  Mushrooms

1.5  Huge statue (various)

1.5  Face clouds

1.0  Smoke

1.0  Ribbon

1.0  Sparkles

0.5  Rain